Works by Malcolm Hayes

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Lirena  (2014-16)

Opera in one act

Scenario and libretto by the composer

Settings: a ship at sea in the Mediterranean (Prologue and Epilogue); a deserted bay on a Greek island, about 50 years earlier (Scenes 1 – 5)


  • Alexander Ross MacDonald, novelist, travel writer, retired Senior Lecturer in Greek at Aberdeen University, aged mid-70s/Alexander, aged early 20s – baritone
  • Lirena, a mermaid, aged 16 – soprano
  • The Voice of Teiresias, legendary seer of Greek mythology – countertenor, offstage

[Orchestra: 2(II=picc & alto fl).2(II=corA).2(II=bass clt).2(II=cbsn)/ perc./hp./pf./strs.:, min.]

Vocal score by the composer

Duration: 75 mins.


ORCHESTRA (with voices)

Stabat Mater  (2001)

Soprano, mezzo-soprano and orchestra

[3(III with low B=picc1).alto fl(=picc2).0.0.0./ drs., 2 plyrs.)/3-4 perc./hp./pf./strs.:]

Duration: 19 mins.

Commissioned by BBC Radio 3

fp: Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Contemporary Arts Trust/BBC invitation concert), 22 February 2002: Alwyn Mellor (soprano), Emma Selway (mezzo-soprano), BBC Scottish SO, cond. Garry Walker

fb: BBC Radio 3, 23 March 2002 (rec. of above)


Odysseus remembers  (2003-04)

Text by the composer, after the Odyssey of Homer (Books X-XII)

Narrator (Odysseus), soprano (Circe), mezzo-soprano (Anticleia), countertenor (Teiresias) and orchestra

[1(with low B).2picc(II=fl2).alto fl.2.corA.2.2 bass clt.2.cbsn./ drs., 2 plyrs)/5-6 perc./2 hp./pf./strs.:]

Duration: 33 mins.

Commissioned by BBC Radio 3

fp: BBC Maida Vale Studios, 3 February 2006: Roderick Williams (Odysseus), Claire Booth (Circe), Andrew Watts (Teiresias), Susan Bickley (Anticleia), BBC Symphony Orchestra, cond. Edward Gardner

fb: BBC Radio 3, 10 June 2006 (rec. of above)

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Magnificat  (2003-05)

Soprano and orchestra

[2.1.ob d’amore.0.2./ bells/strs.:]

Duration: 12 mins.

(for performance separately or with Nunc dimittis)


Nunc dimittis  (2008-09)

Baritone and orchestra

[1.picc.1.ob d’amore (or 2nd oboe).0.0./ tblr bell.4 handbells/strs.:]

Duration: 5 mins.

(for performance with Magnificat, not separately)


The Mermaid Sings  (2022)

Arranged from Lirena (see Opera above)

Soprano and orchestra

[1.alto fl=picc.1.corA.1.bass clt.1.cbsn./ perc./hp./pf./strs.]

Duration: 21 mins.


ORCHESTRA (without voices)

Byzantium  (2011-12)

After the poem by W.B.Yeats

[2.picc.2.corA.2.bass clt.2.cbsn./ perc./hp./pf./strs.]

Duration: 15 mins.

fp: BBC Maida Vale Studios, 25 January 2013: BBC Symphony Orchestra, cond. Garry Walker

fb: BBC Radio 3, 12 February 2013 (rec. of above)

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Violin Concerto  (2013-14)

[Orchestra: 2(II=picc).ob d’amore.2.2./ perc./hp./pf./strs.]

Single movement: duration 24 mins.

Commissioned by BBC Radio 3.

fp: BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, 11 August 2016: Tai Murray (violin), BBC National Orchestral of Wales, cond. Thomas Søndergård

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Flute Concerto (Ailein Duinn: Lament for Dark-Haired Allan)  (2017-18)

[picc..alto fl.ob.corA.clt.bass clt(=clt2).bsn.cbsn(=bsn2)/ perc./hp./strs.]

Single movement: duration 19 mins.

Written for Katherine Bryan, principal flute, Royal Scottish National Orchestra



Cantata  (1983)

Flute, vibraphone, string trio

Duration: 11 mins.

fp: Bath Festival of Music, 26 May 1985 (SPNM concert): Nancy Ruffer (flute), Music Projects/London, cond. Richard Bernas

fb: BBC Radio 3, 7 January 1988: Ingrid Culliford (flute), Lontano, cond. Odaline de la Martinez



Hymns and Constellations  (2005)

String quartet and piano

Duration: 15 mins.


VOCAL (one or more solo voices with chamber group)

Three Songs on Chinese Poems  (1972)

Texts: poems from the T’ang Dynasty (8th to 10th century, English translations)

  • 1.    Exile (Li Shang-yin)
  • 2.    Egrets (Tu Mu)
  • 3.    Thoughts on a Night Journey (Tu Fu)

Soprano and chamber group: alto flute, bass clarinet, celesta

Duration: 9 mins.

fp: Lancaster University (BBC Young Composers Forum), 16 October 1973: Jane Manning (soprano), Vesuvius Ensemble

fb: BBC Radio 3, April 1974 (rec. of above)


Pathways  (1978/2020)

Texts (set in Spanish): Antonio Machado

  • Al viento, sobre la sierra (On the wind above the mountains)
  • Sol en Aries (Sun in Aries)
  • A José María Palacio (To José María Palacio)
  • Todo pasa y todo queda (Everything passes and everything remains)

4 Sopranos, 4 Altos and chamber group

[flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, harp, percussion (3 players): tamtam, large; bell-plate, deep unpitched, or additional tamtam, medium-large; crotales, 1-octave chromatic range, middle C to C above; tubular bells, chromatic range, middle C to F 11th above; vibraphone, 3-octave range, F to F; marimba, 3-octave range]

Duration: 16 mins.


The Wind in the Pines  (1983/2020)

Texts (set in Spanish): from Pablo Neruda, Veinte poemas de amor y un canción desesperada (Twenty Love Poems and A Song of Despair)

  • Ah vasteded de pinos (Ah Vastness of Pines)
  • En mi cielo al crepúsculo (In My Sky at Twilight),

Dedication: ‘To Jane Manning’

Soprano and percussion (1 player): 4 tubular bells (middle C and E, F and B within octave above), crotales (2-octave chromatic range, C to C), 2 tamtams (medium, large)

Duration: 9 mins.

fp (original version for unaccompanied soprano): Jane Manning; Tarragona Conservatory of Music, Catalonia, 4 July 1984


Cradle Songs  (1984/2020)

Texts (set in Spanish): from Gabriela Mistral, Ternura (Tenderness)

  • Meciendo (Cradling)
  • La noche (Night)
  • La madre triste (Sad Mother)

Soprano and chamber group

[piccolo/alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion (1 player): 2 cymbals, susp., medium-small/medium-large; 2 gongs, unpitched, medium-small/medium; 2 tamtams, medium-large/large; wind chimes; glockenspiel, 3-octave range, C to C; high bell, unpitched, eg song-bell/temple bell; vibraphone, 3-octave range, F to F]

Duration: 12 mins.


VOCAL (solo voice with piano or unaccompanied)

Ring of Light  (1985)

Text: Kathleen Raine, ‘The Ring’ (from Year One, © 1952 Kathleen Raine; set by permission of Hamish Hamilton Ltd.)

Soprano solo

Duration: 5 mins.

fp: Rebecca Lea (soprano): The Early Music Experiment, at The Rag Factory, London E1, 13 June 2011

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Three Motets  (2006)

Texts: medieval Latin

  • 1.    Spes, via, vita
  • 2.    O lux quam non videt alia lux
  • 3.    Alma Redemptoris Mater

Soprano and piano

Duration: 16 mins.


Inscapes  (2023)

Texts: Gerard Manley Hopkins

  • 1.    Binsey Poplars
  • 2.    Peace

Mezzo-soprano and piano

Duration: 9 mins.



Scenes from Dante  (2005-12)

Cycle in three parts, comprising:


From the Inferno of Dante  (2011-12)

  • 1.    The Burning Sand
  • 2.    The Wood of the Suicides

Duration: 13 mins.


From the Purgatorio of Dante  (2007)

  • 1.    The Valley of the Late-Repentant
  • 2.    Forese Donati speaks to Dante

Duration: 12 mins.

fp: Clare Hammond (piano): Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre, Peebles, 24 April 2018

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From the Paradiso of Dante  (2005-06)

  • 1.    Piccarda Donati speaks to Dante
  • 2.    Seraphim

Duration: 13 mins.

fp: Daniel Grimwood (piano): All Saints Church, Brenchley, Kent, 30 April 2011