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Byzantium  (2011-12)

for orchestra

Duration: 15 mins.

BBC Symphony Orchestra, cond. Garry Walker

Note by the composer: Byzantium note

[The two tracks of the recording include a short spoken introduction by myself; the second track follows on continuously from the first.]

BBC concert performance and recording for Radio 3


Odysseus remembers  (2003-04)

for narrator, soprano, mezzo, countertenor and orchestra

Duration (complete work): 33 mins.

Roderick Williams (narrator), Claire Booth (soprano), Susan Bickley (mezzo-soprano), Andrew Watts (countertenor), BBC Symphony Orchestra, cond. Edward Gardner

Note by the composer: Odysseus remembers note

**3 extracts from complete recording**

Text (complete, with extract sections indicated): Odysseus remembers text extracts

BBC concert performance and recording for Radio 3


Ring of Light  (1985)

for soprano solo

Duration: 5 mins.

Rebecca Lea (soprano)

Note by the composer: Ring of Light note

Text: Ring of Light text

Link to Rebecca’s website:


From the Purgatorio of Dante  (2007)

for piano solo

Duration: 11 mins.

Clare Hammond (piano)

Note by the composer: Purgatorio note

Link to Clare’s website:

Clare Hammond, pianist


Corpus Christi  (2006)

for unaccompanied mixed choir

Duration: 5½ mins.

Schola Cantorum of Oxford, cond. James Burton (solo soprano: Rebecca Lea)

Note by the composer, with text: Corpus Christi note and text

Link to Schola Cantorum of Oxford website:


May Magnificat  (2012)

for unaccompanied mixed choir

Duration: 11½ mins.

BBC Singers, cond. Paul Brough

Note by the composer: May Magnificat note

Text: May Magnificat text

BBC concert performance and recording for Radio  3


Alleluia Nativitas  (2005)

for unaccompanied mixed choir

Duration (complete work): 9½ mins.

BBC Singers, cond. James Morgan

Note by the composer: Alleluia Nativitas note

Text: Alleluia Nativitas text

**extract of 1st half from complete recording**

BBC concert performance and recording for Radio  3


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